On May 18, 2018, Evanston Police Juvenile Bureau charged a 56-year old man who resides in Arvada, Colorado, in a Criminal Sexual Assault incident. The man was charged with sexual assault against a minor stemming from an incident that took place at an Evanston hotel in late July of 2001, said Commander Ryan Glew of the Evanston Police Department. 

The male victim was 13-years old and a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma at the time of the incident. The alleged perpetrator, who was a Catholic Priest at the time of the incident, was with the victim’s family on a trip to Evanston, said the Commander.

The incident was reported to the Tulsa Police Department in 2004, and the Tulsa Police Department investigated and notified the Evanston Police Department of the incident, said the Commander.

In 2017, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and Evanston Police Juvenile Bureau reopened the investigation. The investigation led to an arrest warrant for the alleged perpetrator for the charge of Predatory Sexual Assault of a Child, said the Commander. The alleged perpetrator was out of the country when the warrant was issued, but he was arrested when he returned to the country.

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office approved one felony count of