In April 2018, Pace and the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) announced a proposal to discontinue the CTA #205 Chicago/Golf bus route and provide alternate service by realigning Pace bus routes #208 Golf Road and #213 Green Bay Road. To solicit feedback on these proposed service changes, Pace and the CTA held a joint public hearing on April 24 and written comments were accepted through April 30, 2018.

Community members, City of Evanston officials and Evanston Township High School (ETHS) officials expressed concern that the proposed changes would not provide adequate service for ETHS students who live in southeast Evanston and take public transportation to and from school. 

Pace and the CTA have announced that, as promised, feedback and comments received from the community were taken into consideration as they made final adjustments to the proposed service plan, which is described below.

The following DRAFT PROPOSAL must first be approved by both Pace and CTA boards before being implemented.

Original Service Plan Proposal

  • Add one AM and one PM school trip on Pace Route 213 to provide direct service between the Chicago Avenue corridor and Evanston Township High School (ETHS).
  • Replace regular service on the portion of CTA Route 205 along Chicago Ave. by extending Pace Route 213, but this would require a transfer for those traveling to ETHS.
  • Realign Pace Route 208 to operate via Golf Road-Emerson Street-Dodge Avenue-Church Street.
  • Route 213 to operate every 20 minutes along Chicago Avenue during weekday peak hours.

Revised Service Plan Proposal:

To help address the biggest concern raised by the community – elimination of a one-seat travel option between the CTA Howard Station and ETHS – changes made as part of the revised service plan proposal include:

  • Adding six A.M. trips over two hours and six P.M. trips over two hours in the peak direction between CTA Howard Station and ETHS via Chicago Avenue (Pace to provide five AM trips and five PM trips and CTA to provide one AM trip and one PM trip.)
  • On Mondays only, CTA and Pace to operate two PM trips to match the earlier school dismissal time.
  • CTA trips will be supplemental trips on Route 206 that follow the Pace Route 213 routing via Chicago Avenue.

In Evanston, Route 213 would operate every 15 minutes during weekday peak hours along Chicago Avenue with select trips providing direct service every 30 minutes to the high school.

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With the additional proposed service options on Pace Route 213 and CTA Route 206 (via Chicago), the majority of service provided by CTA Route 205 would be replaced by the proposed restructuring of the transit network in the area.

The proposal to re-align Pace Route 208 would remain unchanged. This proposed alignment would strengthen the grid network of bus routes in this area by consolidating transit service into a single corridor between Grant and Church Streets. Also, this proposed alignment offers alternative service options for riders along Grant Street.

As part of the proposed service plan, the Golf Road corridor would have longer weekday hours and weekend service with the proposed Pace Route 208. Additionally, the Chicago Avenue corridor would have longer weekday hours and Saturday service with the proposed Pace Route 213.

For more information, please call/text 847-448-4311. For convenience, you may dial 311 directly while in Evanston.