Thirteen Latino parents spoke at the District 65 School Board meeting on June 4, asking the Board to take steps necessary to close the achievement gap between Latino and white students. Some said they thought the Board was committed to close the achievement gap, but they added that they did not see much being done to do so.  They said there needs to be a systematic approach to close the gap.

Some parents also asked that services be increased for Latino students, including more teachers, bilingual literacy coaches, teacher assistants, social workers, and school psychologists; expanding the TWI program to the middle schools; implementing an extended learning program in Spanish; and hiring a person to coordinate the TWI programs.

In January 2017, District 65 published a Report on Hispanic Student Achievement, showing the achievement gaps between Hispanic students and white students. In December 2017, the School Board decided to add two new strands to the Two-Way Immersion program, by converting Bessie Rhodes Magnet School to an all TWI school on a phased-in basis.