Together, gnome matter what the future brings.Photo from Gail Siegel

… that the City has renegotiated its contract with Duncan Solutions of Milwaukee to monitor and manage the “credit-card functionality” of the City’s 1,635 parking meters. The contract with Duncan expired recently, and the City says this new one will save the City about $30,000 annually.

… that Divvy has launched a new app, which the company says will give riders  the ability to purchase passes, plan routes and unlock bikes  from their phones. To celebrate the app’s release and National Bike Month, Divvy is giving away free rides to new app users through  June 17 using the code FIRSTRIDEFREE.

… that construction on the Lovelace Park pond should be completed by the end of July. Meanwhile, at the other pond – the Arrington Lagoon on Sheridan Road – the ducks are happy with the water, the kids offering them food and this nice little house.

… that the alley between Colfax Place and Harrison will soon become two-way but not a thoroughfare. Residents there would like to be able to access their garages from both directions and the City is complying with the request. The cost of the “No Thru Traffic” signs is about $40.

… that the City will be selling a few vehicles, Fords and International Harvesters (IH) at the next Northwest Municipal Vehicle Auction sponsored by America’s Auto Auction: a Ford E250, Ford F450, IH 4700, Ford LTS8000, IH 4900, IH 4300, Ford Taurus, Chevy Express 3500 Ford F350, Ford F350.

… that PACE and the CTA have realigned their proposed route changes in light of the concerns expressed by residents and City and Evanston Township High School officials after the April 24 meeting. Here are the changes  made as part of the revised service plan proposal:
“Adding six morning trips over two hours and six afternoon/evening (“P.M.”) trips over two hours in the peak direction between CTA Howard Station and ETHS via Chicago Avenue (Pace to provide five morning trips and five afternoon/evening trips and CTA to provide one morning trip and one afternoon/evening trip.)
On Mondays only, CTA and Pace to operate two afternoon/evening trips to match the earlier school dismissal time.
CTA trips will be supplemental trips on Route 206 that follow the Pace Route 213 routing via Chicago Avenue.
CTA and Pace said in their announcement (TG is hesitant to summarize) “In Evanston, Route 213 would operate every 15 minutes during weekday peak hours along Chicago Avenue with select trips providing direct service every 30 minutes to the high school.
“With the additional proposed service options on Pace Route 213 and CTA Route 206 (via Chicago), the majority of service provided by CTA Route 205 would be replaced by the proposed restructuring of the transit network in the area.
“The proposal to re-align Pace Route 208 would remain unchanged. This proposed alignment would strengthen the grid network of bus routes in this area by consolidating transit service into a single corridor between Grant and Church Streets. Also, this proposed alignment offers alternative service options for riders along Grant Street.
“As part of the proposed service plan, the Golf Road corridor would have longer weekday hours and weekend service with the proposed Pace Route 208. Additionally, the Chicago Avenue corridor would have longer weekday hours and Saturday service with the proposed Pace Route 213.”

… that Sue Gartzman sent some photos of how great the golf course environs look with the removal of invasive species. With the photos she wrote, “Thanks for Jason Way and his volunteer crew clearing out invasive species along the canal for Canal Shores.”

… that Arkady Kats still hopes to have a restaurant at 1829 Simpson. Readers may remember the building there collapsed earlier this year. The restaurant, which will proceed once City approval is obtained, will be called Lenny & Lambs.

… that, for the next month, during the World Cup, Celtic Knot will have alcohol service (and food, too) beginning at 7 a.m. Soccer fans are likely to throng there between June 14 and July 15.

… that the noise from the rifles when the students from Rickover Academy were gearing up for the Memorial Day ceremony set off a car alarm. The noise was gone by the time the ceremony began.

… that, as many readers may already know, Northwestern has said it can’t afford to pay for dumpsters for students to use on move-out day. Hey – aren’t there some scraps from the tens of millions of dollars the University gets in donations to help keep Evanston tidy? Or sanitary?

… that in honor of Dump the Pump Day, June 21, the Regional Transportation Authority will join the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra and Pace Suburban Bus and ADA Paratransit to encourage folks to leave their cars at home and take public transportation. During the morning rush hour on June 21, transit riders who show a Ventra Card, the Ventra mobile app or Metra ticket will receive free coffee and donuts, while supplies last. T

From our readers: TG Check out these eye-catching gnome newlyweds in alley behind Brown Avenue in Southwest Evanston. – Gail Siegel

From TG:
Thanks, Ms. Siegel. “Eye-catching” is certainly a good word to describe these little folks. TG appreciates this photo, as readers doubtless will as well.  

The Traffic Guy thinks …
… that construction season is in full force all over, even at the beaches. Send pix of sand castles, sand creatures and other beach constructions to We are here to listen.

… that, to make the beaches and parks safe for little ones – and their families and everyone else who uses them – some dog owners really ought to be more considerate and observant of City ordinances. Twice TG has been approached by loose vicious dogs and has heard stories of people being approached, and worse, by dogs on the loose at the lakefront. TG understands that there is no dog beach this year yet, but there is Pooch Park, a dog park that Evanston and Skokie created Pooch Park a few years. Dog owners who take their dogs onto the beaches or let them run in public parks should be hotfooting it to Pooch Park, just behind Sam’s Club and the Main/McCormick shopping plaza.

Happy Fathers Day