Today, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, a member of the House Budget Committee and a Chief Deputy Whip, released the following statement on the House GOP’s FY19 budget resolution, which was unveiled earlier today:

“House Republicans just unveiled their latest budget – a statement of their values and an outline of what they hope our country could be. Here’s what they came up with: ripping health care away from millions of Americans; crippling treasured programs like Social Security,  Medicare, and Medicaid; and slashing funding for education, infrastructure, anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs, all to pay for the $2 trillion tax breaks they gave to millionaires, billionaires, and large offshoring corporations.

“Shame on House Republicans. On the House floor and in the House Budget Committee, I have asked my Republican colleagues many times if they really came to Congress to take food out of the mouths of hungry children, to take retirement security away from older Americans, to rip health care away from millions of people. With their 2019 budget resolution, they have answered my question once and for all – the harm that they’re doing is intentional.”