On June 28, Evanston Police charged a Chicago man, 43-years old, with Commercial Burglary for a burglary that occurred in March.

On March 03, 2018, Evanston Police investigated a  burglary that took place at Visiting Angels in the 500 block of Davis St. Taken in the burglary was a credit card, a television, a mirror, and a cord for a Kindle. While processing the scene an Evidence Technician recovered evidence that contained a sample of the suspect’s DNA. The sample was sent to the crime lab and the lab was able to identify the DNA as belonging to the Chicago man, said Commander Ryan Glew. There was no legal reason that Rowlett’s DNA would be at the scene, he added.

 The man was in custody in Cook County Jail for an unrelated burglary that took place in another jurisdication. Evanston Detectives transported the mant to the Evanston Police Department for further investigation. The man did not make an admission but the DNA evidence led the Cook County State’s Attorney to approve one count of Commercial Burglary, said the Commander.