On July 14 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. volunteer repair experts will be available at Evanston ReBuilding Warehouse, 2101 Dempster St., to help participants fix household items free of charge. Tools and materials will also be on hand. People visiting the Repair Clinic are invited to bring along broken items such as toasters, lamps, hair dryers, clothes, jewelry, toys, crockery… anything that is broken is welcome and can more than likely be repaired. The Repair Clinic specialists almost always have the know-how.

By promoting repairs, ERW wants to help reduce mountains of waste. “We throw away piles of stuff in the U.S., even things which practically have nothing wrong with them, and which could easily be used again after a simple repair. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten that they can have things repaired. We want to change that at the Evanston Repair Clinic,” say ERW staff members.

They continue, “Repair Clinics are also meant to put neighbors in touch with each other in a new way and to discover that a lot of know-how and practical skills can be found close to home. … Jointly making repairs can lead to pleasant contacts in the neighborhood.”

Repairs can save money and resources, and can help minimize CO2 emissions. “But above all, Repair Clinics just want to show how much fun repairing things can be, and how easy it often is,” says ERW.

For more about this event please contact Bea at beaecheman@gmail.com.