“About Perspective,” Julie Cowan’s pop-up mural on the east wall of the Main Street post office, is designed to engage passers by, teasing their minds with the illusion of three-dimensional objects drawn on a chalkboard.

Ms. Cowan says, “I am interested in public engagement to empower people with their own artistic experiences. Evanstonians will be able to participate individually or together by drawing on the mural and learning about perspective. With a blackboard as the base of the mural, it will be a place for people to try out something new and then try again. Kids and adults can participate together, making connections.” Virag Jewelers, owner of the building, gave permission for the mural, built and installed by Neil Good, to be located there.

The interactive mural shows people how to draw two-point perspective inviting them to be an active art participant. “I like the idea of Evanstonians having that ‘AHA!’ moment, when they discover that perspective drawing is really easy and yet feels like a true accomplishment,” she said.  Instructions about how to participate, seen at left in this paper, will soon be at the base of the mural itself. Photo from Julie Cowan.