Photo of some of the Special Olympics athletes from the City of Evanston/team leaders

The Special Olympics were held in Chicago July 17-21. Local Evanstonians attended and participated, and someone could argue whether home-field advantage had something to do with the athletes’ success.

The 11 Special Olympians received multiple medals in individual and team events. The athletes are: Courtney Larimer, Kirk Nelson, Lisa Kaya-Noble, Liz Litvak, Courtney Krueger, Stephanie Montrie, Jill Futransky, Mike Daugerdas, Carlos Saavedra, Marcelo Anon and Megan Murphy.

Ms. Larimer placed first the in doubles with partner Stephanie Montrie at Bocce, and earned a gold medal during the Regional Basketball meet with the team.
Mr. Nelson earned a gold in Singles Bocce and gold in Squat Lift and Deadlift, and earned silver in Bench Press at the Illinois Summer Games.
Ms. Kaya-Noble medaled in Doubles Bocce and Team Bocce. She also earned gold in the Mini Javelin and 100m Walk Race, and was part of the team that received silver at the Basketball Meet.
Ms. Litvak earned gold in the 25m breaststroke, the 4x25m medley relay, and a bronze in the freestyle event. When she was not in the pool, she earned gold in the Shot Put and Bronze in the 100m run.
Ms. Krueger earned gold in the 800m run, Bench Press, Squat Lift, Deadlift and Combined Powerlifting.
Ms. Montrie earned gold in Softball Throw, bronze in 400m walk race and placed in the doubles with partner Courtney Larimer in Bocce.
Ms. Futransky earned gold in Bench Press, Squat Lift, Deadlift and Combined Power Lift, and bronze in Singles Bowling.
Mr. Daugerdas, a member of E-Team 1, the first Evanston Special Recreation Team to medal in a state event, earned Silver with the team.
Mr. Saavedra earned a gold in the 25m Freestyle and Bronze in the 25m Backstroke.
Mr. Anon earned gold in the Mini Javelin and Bronze in the 4x100m relay.  
Ms. Murphy earned gold in the 100m run.