Division Chief Dwight Hohl has announced his retirement from the Evanston Fire Department after 26 years of dedicated service. Since joining the EFD on August 13, 1992, Chief Hohl has served the City of Evanston and the Department with honor and dedication. Community members are invited to join the Department and Chief Hohl’s crew for a flag-lowering ceremony on Monday, August 20, 3 p.m., at Fire Department Headquarters, 909 Lake Street, Evanston.

When Chief Hohl began his career, he served the residents of Evanston as a firefighter/paramedic. Chief Hohl was always one to take on important roles within the Department, such mentoring the new paramedics in the field and serving on the EMS committee and the Dive team, where he eventually became the Dive team leader. 

Hohl moved into the role of Captain and then Division Chief in October 2010. As the Division Chief of EMS, Chief Hohl implemented some very successful programs, such as the Community CPR program and electronic patient care reporting, just to name a couple. In Chief Hohl’s final position as Division Chief of EMA and Fire Prevention Bureau, he has revised the City of Evanston’s Emergency Management Plan and provided meaningful training, not only to city employees, but to the residents of Evanston, making us all more aware and better prepared.

“Throughout his entire career, Chief Hohl has always been willing to step up and do whatever it takes to improve the Department, as well as enhance the safety of community,” said Chief Scott. “On a personal level, his leadership style is characterized by genuine kindness and support, coupled with a great sense of humor. Dwight will certainly be missed”.

The Evanston Fire Department would like to wish Dwight a happy and healthy retirement and all the best with his future endeavors.