A partially signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the City of Evanston and an ad-hoc  group of Evanstonians called Evanston Lighthouse Dunes spells out the amount of money the Dunes group intends to give to the City and when they will give that money.

The MOU, signed by Dunes group members Nicole Kustok, Jeff Coney, William Stafford, Noreen Edwards and Joseph Flannigan, as individuals, and by Charles Lewis for the Lewis-Sebring Foundation, offers the City $400,000 to demolish the Harley Clarke mansion, 2603 Sheridan Road, and up to $100,000 more, if necessary, for “treescape restoration.”

The MOU does not provide protections for the City, such as ensuring that the Dunes group will cover all costs associated with demolition of the mansion, a term the City Council directed to be in the MOU.

The MOU as it presently stands is not final, said City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz. He said he and City staff are working to craft an agreement that would comply with the City Council’s direction.

Mr. Bobkiewicz also said he does not believe that the MOU has to return to City Council for approval.

As of press time, there was no date set for execution of the MOU.

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