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Art Encounter, a local non-profit art organization is kicking off its second year of the Evanston Mural Arts Program (EMAP) with major mural projects by four renowned mural artists from across the country. From late August to early October, there will be new large-scale artworks installed around town by artists Jeff Zimmermann, Anthony Lewellen, James Marshall (i.e. Dalek) and Cheri Charlton. This second year of programming will result in a total of nine murals curated and installed since the initiative’s launch in 2017, making a great impact in shaping and promoting the commitment that Evanston shares toward the arts.

Chicago artists Jeff Zimmermann and Anthony Lewellen have  painting the north and south sides of the Union Pacific Metra embankments at Church Street and Maple Avenue. Working with themes that celebrate the culture and vitality of downtown Evanston and the diversity of its residents, they will paint to mid-September on this project, which is a partnership with Downtown Evanston with support from area businesses Evanston Rocks, Church St. Plaza, FD Stonewater, Taco Diablo and the Evanston Arts Council.

Through Sept. 12, North Carolina artist James Marshall i.e. Dalek will be uplifting the Union Pacific Metra walls at the intersection at Green Bay Road, Emerson Street, and Ridge Avenue. His signature hard-edge design is abstract and geometric with warm tones from yellow to red, complementing the “Stitch” sculpture that has recently been installed at that intersection by Australian artist Warren Langely. This project is a partnership with the Evanston Arts Council.

From Sept. 10 to Aug. 10, Chicago artist Cheri Charlton will lead a large community mural project with the 300 girls who are active troop members of Evanston Girl Scouts. This year is the 00th anniversary of Girl Scouts in Evanston. To commemorate that milestone this mural will bring all the girls together to depict the history and values of this important youth organization. Ms. Charlton, a former Girl Scout, is an accomplished muralist and is leading the girls through all stages of the creative process, from developing themes to designing images to painting itself. This project is a partnership with Evanston Girl Scouts, with support from Evanston Community Foundation, Evanston Arts Council, and Albion Residential.

Every year, EMAP produces large-scale public murals across Evanston, partnering with neighborhood groups and business districts in an interactive, community-based process. The work of EMAP artists will celebrate and amplify local identities, beautify neighborhoods, and turn Evanston’s plethora of CTA and METRA embankment walls into aesthetic assets – transforming them from structural barriers into community bridges. EMAP is overseen by Evanston natives Dustin Harris and Lea Pinsky, who have more than 10 years of experience overseeing and executing large mural projects through their artistic work with communities.