School District 202 will contribute fewer dollars to the Park School budget this year due to increased revenues from other school districts that use Park School’s services, according to a report presented at the District 202 School Board meeting on Sept.11.

The Board voted unanimously to approve their annual 40% share of Park School’s expenses for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019 (FY’19), which equates to $924,437, a 1.92% decrease from last year’s contribution of $942,515. Budgeted expenditures at Park School are pegged to increase by 6.22%, but revenues are forecast to increase by 15.39%.

School District 65 will see the 1.92% savings as well due to increased revenues from other districts, which amounts to a reduction of $27,117. District 65, which contributes 60% of Park’s budget annually, will contribute $ 1,386,656 in FY2019; it contributed $ 1,413,773 in FY20 18.

District 202 Board Member Jonathan Baum heralded the report as good news. “We’ve been talking for a long time about the financial problems of Park School, and I think it’s worth pointing out here that largely because of greater success in attracting out of districts’ tuition-paying students, we are actually going to be contributing $20,000 less this coming year. It’s always good to have good news.”

The increased tuition revenue is due to “more out-of-district students paying tuition, not a tuition increase” confirmed Mary Rodino, District 202’s Chief Financial Officer. 

Tuition from additional students from outside Districts 65 and 202 is expected to increase 23.89% from $1,277,428 in FY’18 to $1,582,640 in FY’19. 

Park School’s overall budget increased 6.22% to $4,725,284 due mainly to salaries and personnel expenses.

Park School, 828 Main St., serves about 70 students with special needs, from age 3 up to age 22.