Alex O’Koon, founder of The Sudsy Goat Bath Company, shows how easy it is to be green.Photo by Mary Mumbrue

Alex O’Koon, a sophomore at Evanston Township High School, was the youngest of the green vendors at the Green Living Festival, part of Streets Alive! on Sept. 9. He started his business, the Sudsy Goat Bath Company because, he said, he was interested in using natural products, a passion that began at home. Alex has experienced eczema and sensitive skin from a young age, and his aunt suffered from paraben allergies for several years.

Alex’s family and friends encouraged him to switch to all-natural cleaning and bath products. “I began to research how to add natural scents to soap, and in just a few months of researching The Sudsy Goat Bath Company was born,” he told
the RoundTable.

“I have created natural soaps that smell good, too.” said Alex. “When researching to find out how to make soap, I learned the many benefits of goat milk. Goat milk helps relieve dry skin and eczema – the same issues that I had been experiencing. I knew I wanted to create a soap with goat milk, too. It was fun to create natural soaps that weren’t just unscented. My favorite part was experimenting with different scents. Now that I have created the soap, I can’t wait to create new products.”