On Monday, September 24, 2018, the District 65 School Board approved the appointment of Kylie Klein, as Director of Research, Accountability, and Data (RAD) as recommended by Superintendent Paul Goren.

“Kylie has extensive experience working on research, data analysis, and accountability, including focused efforts on special education,” said Superintendent Goren. “She is a talented and capable leader who will oversee important functions across our district.”

As the Director of Research, Accountability,and Data, Ms. Klein will lead the RAD team towards ensuring the accuracy of student information and records, administration of student registration and limited school choice processes, coordination of state and districtwide assessment, management of public and mandated reporting of student data, and analyzing student data for school and district leaders. 

Ms. Klein is an experienced leader with over 15 years of research and data management know-how. She most recently served as the Director of Research Operations for the Consortium on School Research at the University of Chicago where she was responsible for leading strategic planning, goal setting, fostering culture, and guiding research to improve student outcomes. Prior to this, she held the roles of Research Manager for the Office of Accountability and as Manager of Access and Opportunities for the Office of Special Education and Supports, both in Chicago Public Schools. Ms. Klein also served as a classroom teacher early in her career. She has a Masters of Education Administration from Dominican University and a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

Ms. Klein will join the District