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Like working mothers everywhere, Evanston resident Sarah Co strives to achieve a balance between work, family, health and outside interests.

The senior scientist plans her schedule carefully so she can spend most evenings at home, where she is a wife and busy mother of 2-year-old daughter Ellie and 8-year-old son Ethan.

Recently, Working Mother magazine recognized Co as their 2018 “Working Mother of the Year.”

Although Dr. Co.’s work in process chemistry is a demanding full-time job, she has worked to create a flexible schedule, and promote culture improvements that benefit mothers with young children in both her community and workplace. Dr. Co recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary with AbbVie, a biopharmaceutical company with more than 29,000 employees. Outside of her scientific contributions at work, Dr. Co has explored and promoted technologies to help her department be more efficient, collaborative and productive. In one case, she implemented a brainstorming tool for creating maps of ideas or hypotheses. Outside of work, Dr. Co and her husband have offered recommendations that made the Chicago Symphony Orchestra more accommodating for patrons who are nursing mothers.

Dr. Co is known as a generous team player, consistently looking out for her colleagues. When asked about how it felt to be named “Working Mother of the Year,” she said, “While I am honored to receive this recognition, I want to honor all the other parents in the workplace, especially those in laboratory sciences. There are so many unsung heroes who make sacrifices at both work and home to be both amazing contributors at their companies, as well as wonderful caregivers.”

Heidi Randhava

Heidi Randhava is an award winning reporter who has a deep commitment to community engagement and service. She has written for the Evanston RoundTable since 2016.