Politics has become increasingly distasteful. Attacks, negativity and outlandish financing have made their way onto the local scene.

In a local race for State Representative, for example, we saw the candidate who “went low” win and the candidate who followed the Michelle Obama guide to “go high” lose.

In some races, many feel that there is little to differentiate among the candidates, because they have wrapped themselves in platitudes to appeal to desires more than policies or philosophies – unless “forget the needy, help the greedy” is a philosophy.

So why vote?

One reason to vote is “Because you can.” Across the country there have been too many measures to suppress voters. Here in Illinois, in Evanston, we can be a shining light at least for that.

But an even better reason is “Because you must.” Voting is one step toward becoming engaged in improving the community. Whatever antipathy you feel now toward the state of affairs will not be eased if you only complain. Despair does not improve with inaction.

Becoming engaged now will also be good practice for our next set of local elections. Residents will vote on April 2, 2019, to fill vacancies on both School Boards, and in the following year, we will be gearing up for our aldermanic and mayoral elections.  

Vote now. Even if your candidate does not win, you will have a more solid soapbox from which to complain.

Early voting begins Monday.