Polarity Ensemble Books will release on Halloween a newly revised edition of the dystopian detective novel “Body Mortgage” by Evanston resident Richard Engling. The book was originally published by Penguin Books USA and Headline House UK. This horrifying tale of the future in which the human body can be used as loan collateral is the perfect read for the Halloween season.

Chicago private eye Gregory Blake attempts to protect a client facing imminent foreclosure on his organs for transplants to the wealthy. Saving this man’s life puts him at odds with the most powerful people in the city –and the most dangerous.

This is a gritty thriller in a nightmare America where human parts are worth more than the whole.

Mr.  Engling is a novelist and actor. His most recent novel, “Visions of Anna,” was released in 2015.  Both of his novels are available at amazon.com. As an actor, he will play the role of Robert in “Proof,” opening Nov. 2 at
the Skokie Theatre.