In the Nov. 6 gubernatorial election, Evanston residents will have the opportunity to vote for candidates for Congressional, statewide and countywide offices as well as two referendum questions.

Ballot for Congressional, State, Regional and County Offices

For Congress, 9th Congressional District: Representatives Jan Schakowsky, incumbent, Democrat; John D. Elleson, Republican.

For Governor and Lieutenant Governor are incumbents Bruce Rauner and Evelyn Sanguinetti, Republican Party; J. B. Pritzker and Juliana Stratton, Democrat Party; Grayson Kash Jackson and Sanjeev Mohip, Libertarian Party; and William “Sam” McCann and Aaron Merreighn, Conservative Party.

For Attorney General: Kwame Raoul, Democrat; Erika Harold, Republican; and Bubba Harsy, Libertarian.

For Secretary of State: Jesse White, incumbent, Democrat; Jason Helland, Republican; and Steve Dutner, Libertarian.

For State Comptroller: Susana A. Mendoza, incumbent, Democrat; Darlene Senger, Republican; and Claire Ball, Libertarian.

For State Treasurer: Michael W. Frerichs, Democrat; and Jim Dodge, Republican.

For State Senator, 9th Senate District: Laura Fine, Democrat; and Joan McCarthy Lasonde, Republican.

For State Representative, 17th Representative District:  Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, Democrat; and Peter Lee, Republican.      

For State Representative, 18th Representative District: Robyn Gabel, incumbent, Democrat; and Julie Cho, Republican

For State Representative, 14th Representative District: Kelly M. Cassidy, incumbent, Democrat.

For Commissioner, Metropolitan Water  Reclamation District –Vote for three: Debra Shore, incumbent, Democrat; Kari K. Steele, Democrat; Marcelino Garcia, Democrat; R. Cary Capparelli, Republican; Shundar Lin, Republican; Christopher Anthony, Green; Karen Roothaan, Green; and Tammie Felicia Vinson, Green.    

For Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District – Unexpired Term – Two-Year Term: Kimberly Neely Dubuclet, Democrat; and Rachel Wales, Green.

For Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District- Unexpired Term – Two-Year Term: M. Cameron “Cam” Davis, Democrat; and Geoffrey Cubbage, Green.

For Board President, Cook County: Toni Preckwinkle, incumbent, Democrat.

For Cook County Board, 13th District: Larry Suffredin, incumbent, Democrat; Chris J. Hanusiak, Republican.

For Cook County Clerk:  Karen A. Yarbrough, Democrat.

For Cook County Sheriff: Thomas J. Dart, incumbent; Democrat

For Cook County Treasurer:  Maria Pappas, incumbent, Democrat.

For Cook County Assessor: Frederick “Fritz” Kaegi, Democrat; Joseph Paglia, Republican.