On November 7, 2018, at 11:00 a.m. Evanston Police responded to Roycemore School located in the 1200 block of Davis St. for an incident of a gun found on school grounds.

Responding officers spoke to the custodian who located the gun while using a riding mower to pick up leaves. The custodian took officers to the gun. Officers observed and recovered a 38 caliber Arminius Titan Tiger handgun. The gun was in a bush line on the west side of the school property along Asbury Ave.

The gun was loaded, rusty and had some dirt packed in the cylinder. The location and condition of the gun would indicated that it was discarded at the location rather than purposely placed there because of the school.

The gun was recovered by an Evanston Police  Forensic Specialist. The gun will be processed for fingerprints and DNA in an effort to determine possession. It will be test fired at the lab to determine if it matches firearms evidence from another crime. The gun has not been reported stolen and the legal owner is unknown at this time. No one is custody at this time.

Due to the quick action of Roycmeore School in  notifying  the Evanston Police Department this potentially hazardous situation was resolved as quickly and safely as possible.