Members and supporters of the Democratic Party of Evanston await election returns at Rock ’N Ravioli on Davis Street. Photo by Heidi Randhava

Unofficial Election Results Nov.  7

The Cook County Clerk has posted the following results of elections that affect Evanston residents. These results are unofficial

U.S. Representative, 9th District:

Jan Schakowsky, incumbent, 67.6%

John D. Elleson, 32.4%

State Senator, 9th District:

Laura Fine 71.5%

Joan McCarthy Lasonde, 28.45&

State Representative, 14th District:

Kelly Cassidy (unopposed)

State Representative, 17th District:

Jennifer Gong Gershowitz, 68.8%

Peter Lee, 31.7%

State Representative, 18th District:

Robyn Gable, incumbent,71.8%

Julie Cho, 28.2%

Cook County Commissioner, 13th District

Larry Suffredin, 75.1%

Chris Hanusiak, 24.8%

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

               Debra Shore, 24%

               Kari K. Steele, 21.6

               Marcelino Garcia, 20.1%

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, Bradford Vacancy

Cameron Davis, 74.8%

Geoffrey Cubbage, 25.2%

Cook County Referenda

Minimum Wage

Yes, 80%

No, 20%

Earned Sick Leave

Yes, 85.8%

No, 14.2%

Evanston Referenda

Real Estate Transfer Tax increase (binding)

Yes, 52.4%

No, 47.6%

Preserving Harley Clarke Mansion (advisory)

Yes, 80.1%

No, 19.9%