The City of Evanston is looking to connect individuals who are willing to help shovel sidewalks and driveways to Evanston seniors and people with disabilities. This referral service links volunteers who will shovel snow and residents who are unable to shovel. Volunteers are needed for the entire winter 2018-19 snow season.

The resident is responsible for contacting and making arrangements with a volunteer from the list provided them by the City’s volunteer program. The volunteer is responsible for completing the task or notifying the resident if they are unable to complete the work.

Due to the great volunteer spirit in Evanston, the program is in its eighth year of connecting residents with volunteers. Registration is available online for both participants and volunteers at For more information or to sign up by phone to participate or volunteer, please call/text 847-448-4311. For convenience, residents may simply dial 3-1-1 in Evanston.