The City of Evanston’s Food and Yard Waste Collection Services end for the season on Dec. 13, but residents may sign up for a winter composting program offered by Collective Resource, Inc. (CRI), the City’s exclusive food waste hauler. CRI will provide door-to-door food scrap collection to any residential property in Evanston for a one-time payment.

By participating in the program, residents help reduce the City’s impact on climate change. Composting helps reduce the amount of methane gas that enters the atmosphere, saves space in landfills, and returns the nutrients in food back to the soil. Since Jan. 2018, the City has diverted more than 280,000 pounds of compostable food scraps landfills.

Service options include a five-gallon bucket or a 32-gallon tote with weekly or biweekly pick-up. Families of four typically have one bucket pick-up per week. Most households work with a countertop container and then empty it into the larger bucket as needed.

Those wishing to sign up should visit, click on “Start Composting,” and complete the online form. One-time fees for the period Dec. 17-March 29 start at $73; an optional countertop container costs an additional $10. Prepayment is required. CRI will email participants the exact date their bucket or tote will be dropped off and will send email pick-up reminders. The food scrap collection service is offered year-round, so customers may elect to continue the service beyond March 2019.

Questions should be submitted via CRI’s online form or by calling 847-733-7665.