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On Dec. 24, Suni Kartha, President of the District 65 School Board, filed objections to the nominating petitions filed by Nicolas Korzeniowski to run as a candidate for the District 65 School Board, and asked that he not be allowed on the ballot in the April 2 election.

Ms. Kartha’s objections do not say that she is President of the School Board, but says that her “interest in filing this Petition is that of a voter desirous that the laws governing the filing of nomination papers for the office of Board of Education member, Evanston/Skokie School District 65, are complied with, and that only qualified candidates appear on the ballot for said office.”

Of Ms. Kartha is successful in keeping Mr. Korzeniowski from appearing as a candidate on the ballot, it will leave only three persons on the ballot, namely Anya Tanyavutti, Sergio Hernandez, and Rebeca Mendoza. Ms. Tanyavutti is currently Vice President of the School Board and Mr. Hernandez and Ms. Mendoza are members of the Board. Each voted for Mr. Kartha to be President of the School Board.

In her objections to Mr. Korzeniowski’s nominating petitions, Ms. Kartha says that Mr. Korzeniowski did not consecutively number the pages of his petitions. The objections also state none of the four sheets circulated by the candidate were property notarized, and that they should be stricken.

The objections are set for hearing before a hearing officer on Jan. 3.


Update on Jan. 1: The following was added as a comment to this ariticle yesterday, but is also being added here to expand on and clarify the statement in the article  that “The objections also state none of the four sheets circulated by the candidate were property notarized, and that they should be stricken.”

Here is what Ms. Kartha’s objections to the nominating petitions of Mr. Korzeniowski say regarding the signing and notarization of certain nominating petitions:
“7. Section 10-4 of the Election Code (10 ILCS 5/10-4) provides in part that petitions for nomination shall be signed and sworn to by the circulator before a notary. None of the four (4) sheets circulated by the candidate were properly notarized. The circulator’s affidavit at the bottom of each sheet is defective because it lacks the State and County where the swearing took place, the circulator’s name, street address, city, Zip Code, county or state. The only indication as to the identity of the circulator comes from portion completed by the notary wherein the candidate’s name has been written in. Further, the notary, Suzanne S. Batch indicates that the sheet was “Signed and sworn to (or affirmed by Nicholas Korzeniowski before me, on 12/13/18. The notarization of Suzanne S. Batch fails because there is no signature on the petition’s jurat. Each of the sheets where the circulator is identified by the notary as Nicholas Korxeniowski are invalid and should be stricken.”