From left, ETHS bridge-building winners Ellie Stein, Sonja Wagner and Avery Cummins. First-place winner Hanus Symersky is not pictured. Photo from ETHS

This year, as always, students in the 39th annual Evanston Township High School Bridge Building and Breaking Contest constructed many interesting bridges.
The first-place winner was Hanus Symersky. A student in Jacob Mills’s class, Hanus built a bridge that held 6.7 kilograms. Ellie Stein placed second with 6.6 kilograms; she is a student in Sarah Gersowsky’s class.

Third place, holding 6.1 kilograms, went to Sonja Wagner, a student in Blaire Rose’s and Bryan Millington’s class.

Fourth place, holding 5.2 kilograms, went to Avery Cummins, a student in Maryjoy Heineman’s and Matthew Kaiser’s class.

Dale Leibforth and Jennifer Robinson did much of the work to facilitate the contest.