Waging war against aging only makes aging wage war in return. Fact is, for Agers, fighting aging is a war that can’t be won. Realizing that, Agers – and those who love and care for them – should accept the reality of growing older and try to make friends with the enemy. Acceptance of the toll-taking of time can change one’s outlook and enable both Agers and those who care for them to spend their energy enhancing the quality of what’s left of life.

Agers need to focus on living, not dying. The following “commandments” may help many Agers make the most of every day and know the meaning of living fully regardless of age.

–  Be constantly curious; learn new things from others and the world around you

– Make new friends and treasure and nurture those you have 

–  Be aware of your story, all of it; embrace it, share it

–  Keep in touch with your spirit-self; celebrate your faith by finding ways to deepen it

–  Listen to your body, take care of its needs

–  Fill, as best you can, each day, place and    moment with the music of laughter

–  Be present to those you love; listen and share

 –  Put words, however you choose, to your most inner feelings

–   Accept each day as a gift and be grateful, morning, noon and night; there are no better final words than “Thank you” and “I love you.”

–   Fear dying, if you must, but not death itself; it is God’s “welcome home.”

There certainly can be more than 10 commandments. For Agers, anything that adds a sense of quality to life is a must, since it can compensate for the losses experienced during one’s later years. For Agers, being at peace and finding beauty and fullness in life is far, far better than waging war.