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The City of Evanston is beginning construction for the replacement of a 5-million-gallon concrete potable water reservoir located at the corner of Lincoln Street and North Campus Drive.. The project also includes a new submersible pumping system and site piping modifications. This is a significant construction project to replace a deteriorating structure that is 84 years old and a critical part of the City’s water supply system, which serves the City of Evanston and its wholesale water customers.

Progressive demolition and reconstruction of the reservoir will take two years. During this time, traffic along Lincoln Street and North Campus Drive will be limited. Only one lane of North Campus Drive will be open and signaled for two-way traffic. There will be occasional complete shutdowns of the roads during critical phases of construction. Road closures will be coordinated with Northwestern University and posted at least 48 hours in advance.

The construction crew plans to mobilize the week of March 4, with traffic control in place on March 10. Construction of the new reservoir is scheduled to be completed by February of 2021, with final site restoration completed later that spring.

The construction cost is $19,213,700. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Public Water Supply Loan Program (PWSLP) is providing $20,556,256 at an interest rate of 1.84 percent to fund engineering and construction costs. The PWSLP is funded by both state and federal sources.

The contractor for the project is Thieneman Construction, Inc., 17219 Foundation Parkway, Westfield, Indiana, 46074.

City Monitoring
This project is monitored by the City’s Capital Planning & Engineering Bureau. For questions or concerns, please contact Paul Moyano, P.E., Senior Project Manager, at 847-448-8217 or pmoyano@cityofevanston.org.