On Thursday, February 28 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Evanston Civic Center, Parasol Room, the Harley Community would like to invite Evanston residents to participate in the next steps to prioritize the programs that Evanstonians would like to see at the Harley Clarke mansion. Participants will also discuss financial considerations at this meeting as well as the next one.


This meeting, “Priorities and Practicalities”, will engage residents in conversations based on information collected at the January 24th Ideas meeting. A report will be created based on data from these gatherings and delivered to  the City Council to help our City of Evanston officials prioritize plans and proposals for the future use of the historic Harley Clarke House and Jens Jensen gardens that reflect the Evanston Community’s interests.


Darlene Cannon says that Harley Clarke Community seeks to attract all residents, including many who have not traditionally accessed this Northeast lakefront part of Evanston (African Americans, Latinos and Asians) to hear their preferences and visions for this public lake house and gardens site.


The event is also sponsored by Evanston Lake House and Gardens, a group that submitted a proposal last year to the City of Evanston to lease the Harley Clarke buildings for programming and restoration.