Alex and Cecelia Anon, owners of Bucephalus Bike Shop, with Neil Good and Julie Cowan, creators of Artruck.RoundTable photo

It had been raining most of the day – the cold winter rain that, even in above-freezing temperatures seeps through coat and gloves. But fans of Artruck knew this was no night to stay home, and scores of them packed Bucephalus Bike Shop. The shop at Lake Street and Florence Avenue, an art-gallery-for-a-night, has twice served as the winter home of this showcase for local art.

Julie Cowan and her husband, Neil Good, began Artruck on a summer evening  years ago, publicizing it with the informal slogan “Hang it up in a truck.” Two U-Haul trucks parked for an evening on Ashland Avenue – the ersatz art gallery – drew artists and friends, fans and family.

A neighbor with a talent for baking brought bread and cookies to share.  

 Artruck grew, as more people wanted to be a part of it. People came for the camaraderie, the art, the bread (red velvet cake this time, too) and the joy of a simple evening of beauty and community. People brought their art, and their talent and their appreciation.