March is Women’s History Month, a month designated for showing respect and appreciation for women and their accomplishments.

Sarah was considered to be a “nice” person, but people also knew that she could be outspoken about words or actions that were mean-spirited. Sarah had two daughters, both in junior high. One of them came home one day from school and said that some man down the street had stopped her and talked about being friends with his grandchildren. Sarah reminded her daughter not to talk to strangers. However, because this man was a senior citizen and said that she was friends with his grandchildren, Sarah’s daughter thought it was okay to stop and talk with him. 

Some time after that, Sarah’s other daughter came home and reported that a man down the street had stopped her and also talked about her playing with his grandchildren. He also offered her some candy, which she did not take. Sarah told her daughter to walk down the street with her and see if she saw this man. As they walked down the street, Sarah could tell from her daughter’s eyes that the man was now seated on the steps across the street. Sarah’s daughter confirmed that this was the man. They walked around the block to reach home to avoid walking by the man again.

Sarah did not discuss what she knew about the man with her daughter.  A woman who lived down the street had told Sarah that she overheard this man trying to get her daughter to touch him inappropriately, but he had disappeared before she could get to where he was; she had complained to the police about him, but nothing was done. 

Sarah decided that she was going to confront this man. The next day she went to his house. His wife let her in and said that her husband was in the bedroom.  Sarah told his wife that she was not going anywhere until he came out. The man’s wife went into the bedroom again, then returned. The man appeared shortly thereafter. 

Sarah told the man that she did not want him to speak to or bother her daughters again. The man said that the girls just happened to be in the store when he was there. Sarah interrupted with, “No, they were somebody else’s kids you were messing with.  I’m, telling you this: When you see my girls, you better cross the street. If you say anything to them or bother them in any way, I will kill you. Do you hear me?  I will kill you.” While Sarah was saying this, the man’s wife was yelling repeatedly, “You tell him. You tell him.”  This let Sarah know that the man’s wife knew he was an abuser of kids.

A friend that was brought up Catholic said that she was so indoctrinated with the status of priests that she would not have thought to complain to anyone except the Catholic Church about abuse. Complain to the police whenever someone is suspected/guilty of molesting kids. The Police Department is one of the main agencies to file complaints against child molesters. Our children deserve/need our protection.

“I Am Woman”

 by Helen Reddy, Ray Burton

If I have to I can do anything

I am strong (strong)

I am invincible (invincible)

I am woman

“You can bend but never break me

‘Cause it only serves to make me

More determined to achieve my final goal

And I’ll come back even stronger

Not a novice any longer

‘Cause you’ve deepened the conviction in my soul…”

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