State diving champion Lucy Hogan and State wrestling champion Ramin Abraham took first place on the District 202 School Board’s agenda on March 11, as Board members and administrators congratulated each of them on their records.

Lucy, State runner-up in diving as both a freshman and a sophomore, was only the second Evanston Township High School diver to win a State championship. Lona Foss won the State championship title three times in the late 1970s.

“Lucy is not only a tremendous athlete, she is a tremendous leader, encouraging the younger divers,” said Diving Coach Kevin Augur.

“I am super proud to represent Evanston Township High School,” Lucy said to the Board. She will study – and dive – at the University of Michigan in the fall.

Also besting his own record of last year – fifth place in State – Ramin finished a perfect season with the State championship in the 220-pound Class 3A. His is the first State championship since 2010; other ETHS State wrestling champs were Richard Gilbert, Bob Sheppard, Bob Pickens and Guy Ward.

Head Coach Rudy Salinas said, “Ramin’s 53-0 beat a single-season record. We have a great tradition here in Evanston. He is our first three-time State qualifier.” Ramin is still considering options from both Division I and Division III schools, the Coach added.

Ramin thanked his teachers and his coaches. Board members and administrators congratulated the two athletes, and Superintendent Eric Witherspoon presented ETHS pins to each athlete.

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