Two math teams from Evanston Township High School achieved Finalist and Meritorious ranking in the annual Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The COMAP competition offers students the opportunity to work on complex, open-ended problems to develop a reasonable solution via a mathematical model. Known as the “36-Hour Problem,” the international contest challenges students, who work in teams of up to four, to use skills and knowledge from math, science and computer science classes in order to develop possible solutions for problems that have no single, correct answer.

The ETHS members of the Finalist team, which ranked in the top 7% of all submitted papers in the competition, include seniors Michael Frim, Beni Keown, Nikesh Mehrotra and Owen Travis. The ETHS members of the Meritorious team, which ranked in the top 14% of all submitted papers in the competition, include seniors Chris Gottardi-Littell, Joe Meyer, Chris Wolfe and Madison Yang.
Working under the guidance of ETHS teachers Glenford Gordon and Mark Vondracek, each ETHS team constructed solutions after choosing between two problems: create an objective quantitative algorithm from large datasets that can rate roller coaster experiences for riders; or create a smart-home algorithm for a phone app that controls the indoor climate of a house, ranging from a single room apartment to a multi-room, multi-floor home.

Each team has qualified to compete in the International Math Modeling Contest. The select teams will have the option of trying to develop solutions to another problem, and the top two U.S. teams will then compete against the top two papers from more than 30 other countries.

 Complete contest results will be available on the COMAP website.