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The change in the climate is having a major impact on some anglers. We have been checking the reports from our area lakes, and the reports are all pretty consistent with the fact that the ice is getting dangerous to be out on these days. The reports all say pretty much the same thing – the shore ice is either very, very thin or nonexistent. 

If you want to go out, you’ll need to use a plank to get from the shore to the point where you can walk. Obviously, this means no ATVs, unless of course, they have water wings. Most of the reports this week suggested that this will probably be the last week anybody would be able to get out on the ice.

The other impact of the change in the climate has been on rivers. The Fox, Kankakee, Illinois and Mississippi rivers have all been very silty because of the heavy rains.

Now, because of the melt-off they are becoming dangerously high, and it is very difficult to do any kind of fishing on them. The reports predicts a three-to-five-foot rise in levels on the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. 

A major walleye tournament is scheduled for the Illinois River at Starved Rock State Park in approximately 10 days. The river rise will make for some very difficult fishing conditions, even for professional anglers.

This is going to be one of the hardest walleye tournaments these fishermen have faced in a while – combining the rising water with the lack of clarity because of the runoff.

Here’s hoping that the conditions improve in the near future so we can get out there and enjoy this year’s fishing.

Until next time…keep a tight line.