Today I will tell you about my school Willard’s fourth grade Wax Museum. This is when kids pick out an important person, for example I was Mary Jackson. Mary Jackson was the first African American female engineer at NASA. We did lots of research on computers and we read books. We wrote biographies, made posters, found costumes, wrote speeches and then memorized them.

On the night of Wax Museum, we stood on chairs and posed and people came over and pushed fake buttons taped to our chairs. When they pushed our button we would come alive and say our speech.

I interviewed a friend on Wax Museum.

Interview with Chiara Canay about Willard’s fourth grade Wax Museum.

Q: Who were you for Wax Museum?
A: Frida Kahlo

Q: What was your favorite part getting ready?
A: Practicing my speech

Q: What other characters did you enjoy?
A: Rosa Parks, Anne Frank, Selena, Mary Jackson, Bob Ross, Walt Disney and George Lucas.

Q: What was your costume?
A: Black wig with flowers and red lipstick

Q: Were you worried?
A: Yes! But it turned out great!

Q: How did you decide on Frida Kahlo?
A: My mom was Frida Kahlo for Halloween and she told me about her.

Q: How did you find information about her?
A: Books, computer, and I knew some info about her too.

Q: Was it fun?
A: Yes!