On March 24, Bach Week presented music that would have been performed in the Bach household – selections from two secular cantatas, sonatas for violin and viola da gamba and songs from the “Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach.”

The featured artists (pictured right) Jason Moy, harpsichord; Hannah De Pries, soprano; Sallynee Amawat, baroque violin; Evanston resident Anna Steinhoff, baroque cello and Paul Max Tipton, baritone.

This event was a kickoff for the upcoming Bach Week Festival April 26 through May 3. The festival has continued for 46 years since its inception without interruption. Founded in 1974 by Karel Paukert and directed the first year by Mr. Paukert, and successive years by Richard Webster, Bach Week’s current music director. Musicians from the Chicago Symphony, the Lyric Opera Orchestra and other professional musicians come together each spring to form the Bach Week Festival Chamber Orchestra.

Guests could views exhibitions featuring three artists, Paula Froehles, Deborah Hirshfield and Laurie LeBreton which run until April 7.