Evanston Township High School Mock Trial team members (from left): Hannah Sattler, Sydney Ter Molen, Kitty Colton, Simone Nagan, Eloisa Tirres, Eli Civetta, Peyton Vannatta, Josie Hansen, Alison Flangel and Grace McGinley.Submitted photo

The ETHS Mock Trial team took third place in the 2019 Illinois State Bar Association’s (ISBA) High School Mock Trial Invitational this month, after tying for first place at the Lake County Bar Mock Trial Invitational.

The ISBA publishes a case each year to be studied and argued by each team throughout the competitive season to give students the opportunity to learn what it’s like to prepare and present a legal case in Illinois courts.

This year, 40 teams across the state prepared to argue the multiple viewpoints of a case involving murder by arson at a fictional high school in Illinois. Each team was tasked with arguing on behalf of the prosecution and the defense in various roles, such as attorneys and witnesses. The tournaments, which are held in real courtrooms and presided over by real sitting judges, consists of two trials to allow teams to make varying arguments to juries comprised of local attorneys.

ETHS competed in seven regional competitions and scrimmages prior to the state championship. Results of the 2019 Mock Trial season are as follows:

Kane County Mock Trial Tournament:

• Best Witness – Eli Civetta

• Best Attorney – Eloisa Tirres

DuPage County Mock Trial Tournament:

• Best Witness – Eli Civetta

• Best Attorney – Josie Hansen

Kankakee County Inaugural Mock Trial Tournament:

• Best Closing Argument – Eloisa Tirres

• Best Direct Examination – Josie Hansen

Lake County Invitational Mock Trial Tournament:

• Best Witness – Sofia Yi

• Best Attorneys – Josie Hansen and Eloisa Tirres

Illinois State Bar Association Mock Trial Championship:

• Best Attorney – Eloisa Tirres

• Best Witness – Peyton Vannatta