The temperatures are increasing but unfortunately so are the complaints to the Evanston Police Department about unleashed dogs. Having your dog off-leash may seem like a low risk or harmless practice but it is a serious concern for many citizens, especially when dog owners share public spaces with non-dog owners.

City Code requires dogs must be leashed in public at all times, including in the City’s public parks. Having your dog off-leash can be a risk to your dog, other animals, and other people. Some of the risks include:

  • Confrontation with another dog.
  • The unleashed dog unintentionally hurting someone, especially the elderly and children, with rough play.
  • The dog could eat something harmful or fatal to them.
  • It increases the chances your dog could be hit by a car.
  • It makes it more difficult to locate and pick up your dog’s waste.
  • It can create a nuisance for residents who are not dog lovers.

Evanston Police have previously posted a Public Awareness Video about unleashed dogs on department social media platforms in an effort to educate the public and gain compliance with city code. Click here to view the video on the department’s FaceBook account.

Community members can purchase memberships for the off-leash dog park, Pooch Park, located at 3220 Oakton St. More information is available at

The goal of the Evanston Police Department is voluntary compliance by dog owners, noncompliance could result in a citation.