From left, Kennan Daoudi, grandson; Kristin Lems, daughter; Martha Rosenberg, daughter; Carol Lems-Dworkin; and Karima Daoudi, granddaughter. Photo from Martha Rosenberg

Longtime Evanston resident Carol Lems-Dworkin celebrated her 95th birthday with friends and family on April 1.

Ms. Lems-Dworkin is well-known in Evanston for her musical contributions to the City.  She was Director of Music for more than a decade at Kendall College.

Her Evanston-based not-for-profit, World Music Center (founded 1975), brought many free music programs to the Evanston Public Library. Ms.Lems-Dworkin performed on piano, harpsichord and clavichord at many events and restaurants, and she also taught countless Evanston piano students. Her two daughters, Kristin Lems and Martha Rosenberg, both live in Evanston. Ms. Rosenberg is an award-winning cartoonist for the RoundTable.