The non-profit organization for older adults formerly known as North Shore Village is changing its name to “WiseUp: Aging With Attitude.”  The non-profit group, founded in Evanston in 2009, is part of a nationwide network of “villages” providing social and educational opportunities for older adults wanting to remain active and involved in their communities and live purposeful lives.

WiseUp board president Linda Rockwell said, “WiseUp offers a wealth of opportunities to develop interpersonal connections that keep older adults more active, healthy and vital in our communities. We learn from one another and can make better informed decisions about our futures. And we have fun!”

Membership in the organization offers frequent opportunities to attend social events, educational programs and potluck dinners at little or no cost. In addition, screened and trained volunteers are available to provide free services such as rides to appointments, tech assistance in your home, shopping and light housekeeping chores to organization members.

More information is available by calling the WiseUp office at 847- 721-1413.