Assistant Superintendent Pete Bavis administers the oath of office to Stephanie Teterycz, Elizabeth Rolewicz and Monique Parsons. RoundTable photo

With farewells, congratulations and oaths of office, Mark Metz and Jonathan Baum retired from the District 202 School Board on April 29, and Elizabeth Rolewicz and Stephanie Teterycz took their new positions at the Board table. Assistant Superintendent Pete Bavis administered the oath of office to the new Board members, the third of whom was Monique Parsons, who was re-elected for a second term.

Speaking on behalf of the Board, President Pat Savage-Williams recognized Mr. Baum and Mr. Metz for their service to the Board and the students. “You have been a part of significant changes that will affect our community for years to come. We are all grateful … for your commitment to ETHS. Remember, it’s always a great day to be a Wildkit.”

In a prepared speech, Mr. Baum mentioned lessons learned from Barbara Hiller, retired District 65 principal and interim superintendent, and Elizabeth Tisdahl, former mayor and District 202 Board member, both of whom were in the audience. The full text of his speech is on page 6 of this issue. He also said that, although he had attended several different institutions, “ETHS is my alma mater, the mother of my soul.”

Mr. Metz said, “This position is about service – it’s about service to the community and service to the kids. I am extraordinarily grateful to the community for having had this opportunity for the last 10 years.” He acknowledged the work and collegiality of his fellow Board members and said, “I’m absolutely certain that ETHS has never been better than it is now. It’s not an excellent school for every kid, but we’re on the way.”

The new Board elected Pat Savage-Williams president and Ms. Parsons vice president; both were unopposed for the positions.

Ms. Savage-Williams welcomed the new Board members, saying, “I anticipate that this will be a rewarding yet challenging experience for you.”. She and other Board members thanked retiring student Board member Phoebe Liccardo for her leadership in the school and the community, her preparation for Board meetings and her articulation of student needs. Then they welcomes new student Board member Echo Allen.

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