The Evanston Public Library (EPL) is launching a Racial Equity Task Force to help guide future Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) efforts at the Library. The Library is seeking community members interested in applying to serve on the Task Force. 

EPL is specifically seeking people who have a passion for seeing greater equity, diversity, and inclusion in public service and for those who have deep ties to people, groups, or organizations who have been historically under-served. Up to six task force members from the community will serve with up to four Library staff members and one or two members from the EPL Board of Trustees.

Here’s just some of what EPL plans to accomplish through the Task Force:

  • Make recommendations for how equity, diversity, and inclusion are integrated into library programs and systems;
  • Identify ways the library might influence equity and inclusion beyond our community;
  • Help the library better serve our diverse communities and staff
  • Reach communities that have not been active users of the Library and its resources

With help from motivated, passionate, thoughtful community members, the Library plans to test its systems, acknowledge gaps, and take action against inequity. 

All interested Evanston residents are encouraged to apply by June 1 at: