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On May 15, at 7:30 p.m. the Evanston Police Department received a call of shots fired in the 700 block of Dodge Avenue. Shortly after the shots were fired, there were two hit and run crashes, one in the 700 block of Dodge Avenue and the second in the 1800 block of Washington Street. Police officers and detectives responded to investigate, said Commander Ryan Glew of the Evanston Police Department.

Commander Glew said the person who allegedly fired shots and who was involved in the two hit-and-run crashes was an 18-year old Chicago man. The man was allegedly involved in a verbal altercation with an unidentified man, and during the altercation, he pulled out a Bryco 380 semi-automatic handgun and fired a shot into the air in an attempt to intimidate the unidentified man, said the Commander. The alleged offender was on a public street when this incident took place, and there were people in the area who were not involved in the altercation, said the Commander.

The alleged offender fled the scene, hit two parked cars and was located a short distance away, said the Commander, adding that the offender admitted to possessing and firing the gun.  The alleged offender was charged with Reckless Discharge of a Firearm and related charges, said the Commander.

No one was injured in the shooting or the crashes.