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Have you gotten out to fish? The weather has been good lately and we should be taking advantage of this. Reports from some of the area lakes have been really promising.

Lake Geneva is warming up and the bass are hitting the baits hard in eight to 15 feet of water. Lake Winnebago is reporting walleye catches all over the lake, with a lot of fish in five to 12 feet of water with a minnow being the preferred bait.

The hot bite sounds like Busse Woods with reports of bluegills, largemouth bass and northern pike all being targeted with success and plastic baits working as well as live baits.

Let me pass on a couple of tips to improve your chances of hooking up with a nice fish this spring. First, remember that fish are cold-blooded so with water temps still in the 50s on most lakes you’ll need to slow the presentation down, since the fish aren’t moving as fast in the cooler water.

The second thing to remember is how to locate the fish and that’s as simple as follow the food. By this time of year the fish have been through pre-spawn, spawning and post-spawn activity so their only job now is finding food.

Depending on the lake the food chain will be very different. For bass on my favorite lake in Minnesota they feed shad most of the year, so when I’m there I try to locate the schools of shad. You can bet on the bass being right there as well.

On Lake Michigan, the bass diet is predominately crayfish and gobies, so I fish in areas with a lot of rocks and rocky bottoms because that’s where the crayfish and gobies live.

Being able to locate the areas where the fish can find their food will increase the odds of catching something besides a suntan.

So take the kids and get out there, because this is a really good time of year to be fishing.

Until next time … keep a tight line.