Attorney General Kwame Raoul today highlighted resources available to help immigrants, consulate offices and non-profit organizations to educate immigrants on their legal rights.

In light of reports that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement could conduct enforcement operations in cities around the country, including in Chicago, Attorney General Raoul highlighted the office’s “Know Your Rights” public awareness campaign to help immigrants living in Illinois understand their rights and responsibilities when interacting with law enforcement. 

“As the proud son of immigrants and as Attorney General, I condemn the administration’s unconstitutional and discriminatory actions that continue to cause uncertainty and fear in immigrant communities in Illinois and throughout the country,” Raoul said. “Every Illinois resident has constitutional rights, regardless of their citizenship or immigration status, and I urge people to be informed of those rights.”

“Know Your Rights” resources are available free of charge on the Attorney General’s website in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Polish, Serbian and Urdu, along with a mobile version and printable pocket-sized guide. The materials summarize people’s rights if confronted by an immigration agent or a police officer, detail what to expect if immigration agents or police officers come to your home, and offer an explanation of your rights if you are arrested. They also provide important reminders about immigration documentation, tips for avoiding dishonest immigration service providers and links to additional resources. Raoul also encouraged state and local law enforcement officials to access his office’s online Guidance to Law Enforcement on authority under Illinois and federal law to engage in immigration enforcement. 

The Attorney General’s office does not request information about immigration or citizenship status from anyone who contacts the office or files a complaint. Attorney General Raoul encourages individuals to contact his office to report instances of discrimination or harassment by calling his Civil Rights Hotline at 1-877-581-3692.