Our world is far too noisy. If big is better, the noises inundating us must be looking for perfection. Silence, it seems, is becoming an endangered species.

The thoughts below are, forgive the phrase, a “shout out” against the amped up clatter and clutter that is shattering our awareness of and presence to self.

Silence is a world unto itself,

especially in the cacophony of our own.

The noises of life

envelop and immerse everyone,

not just in hearing but thinking as well.

Finding silence anywhere

is like discovering

a world beyond,

Where feelings find a name.

Silence is a holy hollow,

a place of psychic rest and empty echoes.

It is beyond “being in the moment”

because it is not about time,

but only about self.

Silence requires letting go

of the demands of living,

of moving inward and away,

into an empty openness.

Of waiting and listening

for what may come.

Silence could be another name for God.

It is where we go to find self’s home,

seeking meaning and fullness

and answers to our not-knowings.

Like God,

silence’s simplest need

Is to be sought.

Somewhere, perhaps between the noises all around, silence waits to tell us what we need to know about ourselves, life’s meaning and serenity. Seek it out. It is the one noise we truly need.