It is unsettling to see a world so full of strife and idiocy.  Childish tantrums pitched by folks that are grown are painful enough to make mature adults moan.  Frightened humans are forced to run when threatened by a sadist (or cop?) with a gun.

Millions the world over are locked into perpetual need because of policies enacted by corporate or government greed.  And those people, who do not have a home, are made, day and night, upon the streets to roam.

Drug companies are being accused of causing prescription addiction. Investigations may determine if this is true or fiction.  There are human diseases that have a medical cure, but when the cure is refused, it allows the diseases to endure.

When climate change is not a belief, measures are not taken that offer global relief. Concern has been raised about the disappearance of bees, and hopefully determined if caused by climate change, chemicals or disease.

“If ever human history could use a course correction, it is now.” (Neale Donald Walsch, “Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 3”)

Well, we should still be filled with delight when encountering folks that are kind and polite. These folks should encourage us to believe it is worth pursuing humanitarianism and care for our earth. My oh my.