The Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control has confirmed that a bat has tested positive for rabies in Evanston.

On September 12, a bat was found in the 1400 block of Davis Street and was submitted for rabies examination. After testing, the bat was determined to be rabid by the Illinois State Public Health Laboratory.

An average of approximately 25 rabid bats are found in Cook County each year. This is the first bat to test positive for rabies in Evanston in 2019.

Any resident exposed to or bitten by a bat should contact their doctor immediately. Residents should seek veterinary assistance if their pet is bitten by a wild animal or exposed to a bat. In addition, community members are advised to supervise and leash their dogs, cats and ferrets when outside of their home. Animals without a current rabies vaccination should be inoculated immediately.

“The most significant measure people can take is to ensure that their pet’s vaccinations are up to date,” said Ike Ogbo, interim director of the City’s Health and Human Services Department. “Not only does the vaccine protect the pet, it also serves as a barrier of protection for people.”

Residents are reminded to not handle any bats, skunks or other wild animals. If a dead or down bat or skunk is found on their property or in the roadway, residents should call the Cook County Department of Animal Control at 708-974-6140.