At its Sept. 16 meeting, the District 202 School Board approved the joint agreement with School District 65 for the FY 2019-20 Park School budget.

Park School, 828 Main St., educates children whose disabilities prevent their being educated at their local schools.  As part of its mission statement, the school says, “Park School can serve students with special needs as early as age 3 and up to age 22.”

District 65 and District 202 share the net costs of operating Park School, with District 65 covering 60% and District 202, 40%. Tuition from out-of-district students helps offset the costs of operating the school.

The total of projected revenues for 2019-20 for Park School, $5,088,699, represents an 8% increase over last years. Funds from federal and State sources offset $3,132,896, and Districts 65 and 202 cover the remaining cost.

This year, District 65’s 60% share is $1,173,481, and District 202’s 40% share is $782,321. These projected figures reflect a 15% decrease from last year’s actual expenditures.

District 65 is expected to adopt its budget, which includes its share of expenditures for Park School, later this month.

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