On Nov. 19, at approximately 4:00 a.m. Evanston Police responded to a call of a robbery in the 700 block of Howard Street. The victim, a 52 year old male resident of Chicago, told police that he was approached by a man who asked him for $20.  The victim said he did not have any money. The same man approached the victim a second time a short time later and displayed a knife, and stated “Give me all you got”. The victim then gave the man a pair of gloves, six CDs, a pair of black headphones, and an Android cellphone. The offender then fled south on foot.

A description of the offender was provided to police officers who were assisting in the investigation by searching the area. At approximately 4:32 a.m. an officer located the suspect attempting to commit another robbery in the 2000 block of Howard St. Chicago. The officer was able to stop the robbery and detain the offender. 

Evanston Officers continued the investigation. The victim identified the suspect, a 19 year old Chicago man, as the person that robbed him. Proceeds from the robbery as well as a knife were recovered from the offender. The suspect was arrested, transported to the Evanston Police Department, and charged with Armed Robbery.

The investigation into the second robbery that was interrupted by an Evanston police officer was turned over to the Chicago Police Department.