Dear Ms. Storlie, Mayor Hagerty, and Evanston City Council Members: 11-24-2019 This email raises a formal grievance concerning the dismissal of of Mr. Kevin Brown. Mr. Brown has established a solid reputation of honesty and integrity with every career move. His ethics has never been questioned. As far as I can determine Mr. Brown has never received a negative performance evaluation in the entire span of his employment, nor am I aware of any dispute in which he could have been involved. He has received accolades on numerous fronts for his interpersonal skills, professionalism, superior intellectual skills, commitment, and loyalty speci? cally, to his personal character. Mr. Brown has always and continues to receive considerable admiration from youth and young adults, parents, colleagues, civic organizations, schools, churches etc. Is it possible that 100s if not 1000s of people are all mistaken, and just one supervisor is right? It reminds me for those old enough to remember Gomer Plyle in his USMC days. All the soldiers were moving in one direction except Gomer, Gomer insisted that all others were wrong. As an educator I am fully in favor of following rules, expectations, policies and procedures. I am also in favor of equitable distribution, and reprimand where warranted in all instances. My beliefs and philosophies are ?rmly rooted in Restorative justice, remediation, and mediation whenever possible to resolve disputes regardless of the depth and nature. This should always be our ? rst course of action thus avoiding any punitive damage to accused and in this instance, long term damage to our cities youth, the department, the council, the neighborhood and the city as a whole. I ask you, was there even one of the above considerations made prior to the perceived abrupt termination of Mr. Brown. Assuming Mr. Brown did break a rule, I believe that he followed proper procedures/channels to make the necessary corrections. I ask you, Does the punishment ?t the crime? Is the loss worth the gain? An untrue allegations or an unjusti?ed termination will hurt us all. I respectfully request that his dismissal be reviewed immediately. Ms. Willie Shaw